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Our Communities

Over 62,000 Hours Volunteered for Worthy Causes Since 2005

We believe we have a responsibility to actively engage in our communities. Wrangler associates are encouraged to volunteer with service organizations and our global facilities support local medical care providers, schools and parks. Wrangler provides multiple opportunities for all employees to give their time, money, and/or special talents, even things as simple as baking sweets for a bake sale. 
Wrangler volunteers contributed over 6,700 hours in 2015 and over 62,000 hours since 2005 to worthy causes.

At our headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina, Wrangler and VF Corporate associates volunteered at 18 different projects at four local organizations on Earth Day. Associates joined forces to paint park benches, revitalize gardens and complete a variety of improvement projects. In total, these 330-plus associates volunteered 840 hours in one day, the equivalent of 21 workweeks.

For the past 17 years, associates at Wrangler’s factory in Torréon, Mexico have contributed to their local communities in a variety of ways. In one recent project, we planted trees near local elementary schools. Ultraviolet rays in Torréon can reach the highest possible level on the UV Index scale, increasing skin cancer risk. The reforestation project allows students to play outside on their school grounds while being protected from harmful UV ray exposure.

As one of the largest regional employers, our manufacturing facilities in Acanceh, Mexico, play an important role in the community. We ensure that the 4,000 employees have access to medical care from on-site doctors; children of associates receive school supplies and scholarships; and each year, the Acanceh facilities send money, materials and volunteers to make repairs at local schools and parks.