Water Protection

Water is one of the most valuable inputs in both cotton growing and clothing manufacturing and Wrangler is committed to using this critical resource as efficiently as possible. We leverage our deep engineering and technological expertise to make continuous improvements in water efficiency and wastewater quality. Using improved processes, we aim to reduce the water used to produce a pair of jeans at our facilities by 20% from 2012 - 2020.

Wrangler makes certain all manufacturing wastewater is treated and discharged properly. Our commitment to minimizing potentially harmful effluents in wastewater applies to both our owned facilities and our contract suppliers, which are required to meet Wrangler’s water quality standards or local standards, whichever are stricter.

Wrangler has also significantly reduced water use at our facilities by installing water recycling systems for wash-down production processes, utilizing efficient fixtures, optimizing water pressure and using drought-resistant plants in landscaping.