Oceans Day



To celebrate World Oceans Day, the global Wrangler team headed outside to honor our world's shared oceans.

Our employees spent time removing trash from waterways - creeks, lakes, and beaches - as a way to say "Thank You". Thank you for regulating our climate, for generating oxygen, and for feeding us.

All together we collected over 400 pounds of trash!

Oceans Day Wrangler Volunteers

From the cotton field to wash down, water is essential to making jeans. But it's also essential to life. That's why Wrangler is committed to using water responsibly and returning it clean back into the communities who depend on it. In 2016, we launched our first brand sustainability goal - conserve 5.5 billion liters of water by 2020 and with the launch of our newest ICONS Collection, we're introducing Indigood, our committment to discovering and integrating into our supply chain the most sustainable ways for dyeing denim. Indigood Foam Dye eliminates wastewater from the dye process, using 100% less water than conventional dye machines.

It's in the spirit of conserving water and increasing water quality, we invite you to join us. Grab some gloves and a somes bags and head outside!

Oceans Day Wrangler Volunteers

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