Playing with Purpose

We recently partnered with The Texas Playboys Baseball Club, an Austin-based sandlot baseball club renowned for its commitment to community engagement. From turning recycled Wrangler denim into their uniforms, repurposing an old chicken coop into a dugout to fashioning outfield fences from reclaimed wood pallets and hay bales, every aspect of the Texas Playboys reflects their ethos of resourcefulness and creativity.

To build on our partnership, the team are spearheading an initiative to construct an upcycled shade structure by repurposing scrap denim and cardboard tubes, which will not only provide shade for players and spectators but also showcase the beauty of sustainable design and the transformative power of upcycling. Through these efforts, the Texas Playboys are not just playing baseball—they're championing a greener, more inclusive future for their community. Stay tuned for part 2, when the structure is built!

Take a look at last year’s project with the Texas Playboys, where they turned old Wrangler denim into upcycled baseball uniforms.

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