Energy Innovation

In 2015, Wrangler achieved its goal of cutting absolute greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 5% below 2009 levels. Wrangler-owned facilities saved 13,663 MWh of electricity, equivalent to the yearly energy needs of 1,253 U.S. homes. Our facilities installed heat exchangers, lighting retrofits, boiler stack economizers, new HVAC controllers, curing oven improvements, energy efficient motor replacements, and other facility improvements.

As we transport our goods, we are focusing on improving the fuel efficiency of our dedicated logistics fleet by reducing diesel consumption. Diesel fuel represents our second largest energy cost after electricity and accounts for 10% of VF’s footprint.

New specifications for tractors and trailers are improving the fuel efficiency with which Wrangler products are transported in the Americas. These include:

  • SmartWay trailer skirts and tractor air shields

  • Reduced fleet speed limits and cruise controls

  • Single-wide and straight-rib tires

The Wrangler fleet also retreads approximately 1,750 tires each year instead of buying new tires, reducing the amount of raw material required by more than half - yet another strategy we employ to green our fleet.