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Grab a pair of men’s lined jeans, and you can ditch the base layer! You may find them so warm and comfortable, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without lined jeans. You’ll find a variety of options available to get the right fit, weight and warmth for your needs, whether you wear your lined jeans for working outside in the cold or riding a bike in the city.

Your favorite outside activities are still within reach when you cover up from the cold in lined jeans for men. And if you work outside, a pair of fleece-lined carpenter jeans might be exactly what you need. Our Riggs Workwear® Quilted Lined Five Pocket men’s jeans tackle hard work and cold weather with a heavier, durable denim and thermal lining.

All of our men’s lined pants are 100% cotton with the exception of the fleece lining, which is made of polyester for better wind protection. Our flannel-lined jeans have an inner layer of soft, cozy cotton that will remind you of your favorite winter PJs, while the thermal-lined jeans have an inner layer of Thinsulate® to keep you warm.