Rooted | Sustainably Grown Cotton - Made in the USA

Grown, cut and sewn in the USA, the Wrangler Rooted Collection™ represents a triumph in sustainability. Featuring custom shanks, rivets, patches and pocket prints, the details of each premium jean are a nod to the tireless work ethic and responsible land stewardship of America’s cotton farmers. Each of the five designs includes features that tie these jeans back to healthy soils in each state.

From start to finish, Wrangler's approach to this collection reflects the attitude of local farmers toward the earth: Responsible. Respectful. Rooted.

Vance & Mandie Smith

Big Spring, TX

In the heart of the Lone Star State, fifth-generation farmers Vance and Mandie Smith have been stewarding their family’s land for the past 13 years. For Vance, the heritage of their Big Spring, Texas farm is a point of pride: “I’ve got ground that I still farm that my great-great-grandfather broke out in the 1880’s.” To ensure their cotton is grown sustainably, the Smiths use sub-surface drip irrigation, reduced tillage, cover crops, and crop rotation. Healthy soils management is an absolute necessity for their farm, Vance says. “We’re trying to grow the best fiber that we possibly can. I hope that’s passed down the line, and we know that Wrangler will have a good product.”

Play Video | Vance and Mandie - Texas Cotton Farmers

Play Video | Vance and Mandie - Texas Cotton Farmers


Athens, AL

Farming is a family affair in the Cotton State. For seven generations, the Newby family has been growing cotton on their land in Athens, Alabama. “Cotton has always been a part of our family farm, and it probably always will be” says Elizabeth Newby Crow, one of four children who manage the farm with their father Jimmy. In accordance with healthy soil practices, typical cotton production on their land is no-till, uses cover crops, and often relies on probes to conserve water.

Play Video | Newby Family - Alabama Cotton Farmers

Wrangler Rooted Collection™