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For 70 years, Wrangler has been a leader in denim, making the highest quality denim for all walks of life. Every pair of jeans is crafted with inspiration, passion, creativity and technical expertise. It’s what makes Wrangler a true original.

With our 27406 Jeans & Jackets, Wrangler continues to celebrate its roots: Greensboro, North Carolina, and the generations of people who stitched together an enduring legacy of pride, quality and original American style.

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Wrangler 27406 - Albert Interview

Wrangler 27406 - Albert Interview

Starting 26 years ago as a sewer, Albert Perry is now a fabric cutting clerk and certified sewing machine mechanic. As a fabric cutting clerk, he is the first step in the process, cutting denim according to patterns so the sewers can finish each garment. The precision of Albert, and the full team of sewers, measurers, and more, is exemplified in these products as they receive the utmost care throughout their journey.

behind the collection

Starting with denim from the Cone Denim® White Oak Plant™, the expert sewing and fabric cutting team from the Wrangler Service Support Center crafted each piece for the collection. The selvedge styles are constructed from denim woven on vintage shuttle looms from the 1940's. The looms rocking motion comes from the hardwood floors they sit on. This rocking creates a one-of-a-kind fabric that cannot be reproduced.

Denim in hand, the team cut the fabric and hand-stitched the belt loops, pockets, signature W, and iconic Wrangler patch. Once complete, each piece is numbered and signed by the sewer. For this collection, the Wrangler Service Support Center acted as a small manufacturing facility with the design creation, fabric development and manufacturing happening within a 3-mile radius.