Wrangler® 27406 Men's Denim Selvedge Jacket

5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Color : Raw Black

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Few pieces speak to the storied past of Wrangler® quite like the 11MJ prototype from the '40s. That early style featured two flap pockets and distinctive double pleats in the front as well as vents in the back and backstraps with buckles. It was also crafted to ensure a tighter fit without limiting freedom of movement. At long last, we have restored this legendary look from our archives with the craftsmanship youd expect from a bona fide piece of Wrangler® history. This faithful rendition features the last remnants of the left-hand twill Cone® White Oak denim used to make the 1948 11MJ model, which was woven from fabric made exclusively for Wrangler® at the White Oak Mill in Greensboro, North Carolina. Our talented team of sewers and fabric cutters have painstakingly reproduced all the details that made this jacket a living legend in its day, including the elongated chest pockets, double-pleated front, rope shank, rope snaps, and domed burrs. This selvedge staple is sure to become the best-kept secret of your denim collection.