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Men’s selvedge jeans are constructed with a self-binding edge along the outer leg seams.

Most of our men’s selvedge denim styles are made in the USA with impeccable craftsmanship. Vintage shuttle looms weave the White Oak Cone Mills selvedge denim in North Carolina. These men’s jeans are made in limited runs which are stamped, numbered, and signed on the inside for authenticity.

Raw denim, or “dry” denim, is used to craft many of these styles; that is, the denim fabric was cut and sewn with no washing or treatments applied to the fabric. This is a traditional method of making jeans, and allows them to become worn and faded according to your own activities over time.

If you’ve never worn raw denim jeans, we recommend you start by checking out a customer favorite: the Wrangler® 1947 Made in USA Selvedge Slim Straight Jean. These are high quality men’s jeans that are sure to look great on you.

For a more modern option, the Men's Wrangler Retro® Premium Slim Fit Straight Leg Selvedge Jean is made of an enhanced fabric designed to have superior stretch recovery.