After a career-ending injury that resulted in paralysis from the chest down, former world champion bull rider Jerome Davis was given a one percent chance to walk again by his doctor. What he’s been able to accomplish since the accident is nothing short of remarkable. A widely regarded Professional Bull Riders (PBR) stock contractor, Jerome has hosted a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event on his North Carolina ranch for the past two decades, and his ranch is home to the Christian Junior Rodeo, an event draws hundreds of young cowboys and cowgirls (ages 19 and under) who compete at no cost. These are the sights and scenes from the youth rodeo stage where tradition runs deep and courage is put to the ultimate test.

Jerome Davis - One Percent | Legends

Legends are forever. Meet Jerome Davis.

Yound Cowboys - One Percent | Legends

Rodeo cowboys are born, not made. Rodeo is a way of life that often starts as soon as you can take your first steps.

Crowd Praying - One Percent | Legends

Tradition runs deep. The fans in the rodeo stands are often retired rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, watching the next generation of the sport carry on the traditions of the west.

Young Cowboy Preparing - One Percent | Legends

Tiny but mighty. What these small cowboys and cowgirls lack in size, they make up for in heart.

Boy in Chute - One Percent | Legends

No fear, just faith. Believing that they can is half the battle for today’s rising rodeo stars.

Boy looking in chute - One Percent | Legends

Sizing up the competition. The stock are respected athletes in and out of the arena, just like the cowboys and cowgirls.

Young Cowboy and the National Anthem - One Percent | Legends

Hats off to the heroes of the arena, tall and small.

Young cowboy - One Percent | Legends

The face of grit and determination.

Boy on bull in the chute - One Percent | Legends

Time to cowboy up.

Boy on bull in the chute - One Percent | Legends

Guts and glory are part of every winner’s story. Born from the hard-working American ranchers who built the West, the sport of rodeo descends from the everyday ranch work of roping stray cattle and breaking wild horses and has become America’s hometown sport. Today’s youth rodeo athletes are tomorrow’s stock contractors, rodeo committee members, and fans in the stands.
Long live the legacy.