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Founded in April 2021 by Holly G, Black Opry started as a digital home to discover Black Americana, blues, country and folk artists, and fans. Since then, it has grown into something so much more. Not only is it a spiritual home for a diverse range of Black Artists and fans, it has become a nationally-recognized collective giving a platform for new voices. ​

”The talent within this community is undeniable; it’s as good as anything in the industry today. Our mission is to bring these voices to the big stage.” - Holly G

Black Opry is about community, camaraderie and shared passion for creating the best music in their genre. ​
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Man in demin jeans singing while holding guitar
Woman in demin jeans singing while holding guitar

Black Opry Revue

Featured Artists


From southeast Texas, Denitia’s love for country music started from day one. “Growing up in that part of Texas, country music is in your veins since the moment you’re born.” Early memories of listening to icons like George Strait, Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, and Reba with her parents and grandparents rooted her passion in the genre.

Denitia’s unique blend of Americana and soul found early success with DIY records in Nashville before evolving into new collaborations in Brooklyn. Most recently, Denitia’s deep connection to her roots led to her first American album, Highways. Now part of the CMT Next Women of Country class of 2024, Denitia has the makings of being a household name in country music.

Nicky Diamonds

Meet Nicky Diamonds, the Dallas-born, San Antonio-raised musician who offers a country, Americana, and blues style and vibe. “My start in country music traces back to singing old hymns at church. I pull from those life experiences to influence my writing.”

Don’t let Nicky’s modesty and kind-hearted nature fool you. His voice captivates the audience when the lights come on, and the music starts. Whether he’s performing in the heart of Texas or on Broadway in Nashville, Nicky’s storytelling and mixing of genres makes every performance an unforgettable experience.​

“It always means so much to me when the Black Opry invites me to perform and share my experiences and stories with new audiences. That’s what this is all about, growing the different sounds of country music.” - Nicky Diamonds

Carmen Dianne

Being a Nashville native, Carmen Dianne is charting her path to success. “Being from Nashville, I would always see those artists carrying their cases down Broadway, knowing they’re going places. Now I feel I’m one of those people; I feel like I’m going somewhere. It’s so exciting.”

Carmen believes the best music isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, represented in her songwriting, vocals, and playing of the bass (very rare these days). She draws on gospel, blues, and country music to deliver unique, incredibly powerful performances. “My people are church-going people, so I try to stay true to the way I grew up and write songs that reflect my lived experiences.”​

“Performing with the Black Opry, to me, means I’m representing something worth talking about. There isn’t a lot of representation for Black country artists; it means so much to me to be part of this community.” - Carmen Dianne

About the Co-Founders

Holly G

Holly G

Holly G is the founder of Black Opry and a big country music fan. "I was in love with country music but didn't see any people that looked like me anywhere." This led her to start a blog in 2021 to connect with other people who loved country music but felt alone. The blog quickly evolved into live concerts as the pandemic ended and people started meeting up in person. Songwriter Lizzie No was doing a show in New York City and, when many artists had to back out at the last minute, she asked Holly G if she knew some artists who could fill in. Holly G made some calls and people immediately said yes. The show was a resounding success and led to inquiries from different venues.



Tanner, co-founder of Black Opry stays calm amidst the chaos. As show time nears, backstage is a whirl of activity, and Tanner is a steady presence orchestrating it all. "A lot of work goes into it, but it doesn't feel like work to us. We're just getting our friends together to show off their talents that we like to tell everyone about." Growing up as a bi-racial Black man with a single white mother, he listened to Kenny Chesney and The Chicks, and learned to love the genre. As an adult, he noticed many talented Black country artists that weren't being recognized. A chance connection with Holly G on Twitter presented him with the opportunity to become a part of Black Opry and help elevate underrepresented voices in country music. "There's plenty of room in the genre for everyone. We just need doors to be opened and we've been able to open those doors through Black Opry."

“There’s plenty of room in the genre for everyone. We just need doors to be opened and we’ve been able to open those doors through The Black Opry.” - Tanner

For anyone lucky enough to catch one of their shows, you'll quickly understand. This is something that has the power to bring people together, to uplift, to unite and, ultimately, to entertain.

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