Wrangler Legends

Call of the Wind

Introducing the Wild Gypsy Tour, an all-female community of passionate riders who are shaping the future of the motorcycle industry.

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Federation of Black Cowboys

It might be one of New York City’s best kept secrets. The Federation of Black Cowboys is committed to preserving the western way of life, even in the juxtaposition of a fast-paced, big city.

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Meet our friend Katie Cahn. An avid angler and fly-fishing guide, Katie lives on the rivers and streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She shares her story of discovery, healing, and why she lives by the mantra "today I'm alive, and today I will live."

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One Percent

Jerome Davis was given a one percent chance to walk again by his doctor. A widely regarded Professional Bull Riders (PBR) stock contractor, Jerome has hosted a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) event on his North Carolina ranch for the past two decades.

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Hotel de Cowpunch

A place where history and the tradition meet the future. The "Hotel de Cowpunch," a cowboy bunkhouse upstairs from the renowned Severe Brothers Saddlery workshop, has hosted countless rodeo legends and world champions for over 60 years.