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Wrangler® Blues Relaxed Fit Jean

WB101 Wrangler® Blues Relaxed Fit Jean

Price: $28.97
  • Color: Antique Indigo (WB101AD)
    100% Cotton Heavyweight Denim
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  • Wrangler Blues

    Find comfort and style with our Wrangler® Blues.

    Look great and feel comfortable in our stylish, comfortable jeans from the Women's Wrangler® Blues collection.

    Relaxed fit
    Tapered leg
    100% cotton 14.5 oz. denim

Wrangler® Blues Relaxed Fit Jean 4.5 5 88 91
100% cotton I love having 100% cotton jeans, not stretch, not skinny. June 12, 2014
100% Cotton and not low rise--very difficult to find---love them! As others have said, you can't find 100% cotton jeans anywhere. I like the "old fashion style" jeans...that fit higher and do not have any stretchy spandex or polyester in them! From what I've read, I'm not the only one that feels this way. These jeans are how jeans are suppose to be! My only gripe is I wish these came in lighter shades of blue besides the very dark blue. I love the lighter shades, otherwise these are perfect! Great quality and fit, heavy weight and will last a long time! More shades in this same style please Wrangler....but don't change anything else about these! Buying more in the next few days. May 13, 2014
100% Cotton Finally Heavy weight old time cotton jeans. Fuller through hips. Can't find these anywhere except the website. Thank you. I am not a spandex and skinny pant kind of a figure and these jeans are just perfect. May 9, 2014
THANK YOU Jeans that fit and flatter. My new favorite jean. Thank you Wrangler for making a jean that fits curves. May 5, 2014
Great but too much dye. The fit of these pants are very nice. Should last a long time. Only trouble is too much blue dye. First wash left my machine in a total mess. Still I am afraid to wear until a second wash for fear of bluing myself. Would I buy again? Yes but in a lighter shade of blue. April 28, 2014
Love these jeans! Finally! Cotton jeans. No gross spandex. I'm 5'7" with longer legs than torso and also plus size. It's been forever since I found jeans that didn't' stick to my legs because of the Spandex. These jeans are not too high in the waist, offered in long and full enough in the hips. I ordered 3 sizes not sure where I'd fit. I was happy to find that I fit in the smallest of the 3. Can't say enough good things about these jeans!!! Dear Wrangler: Make them in other color denim and maybe a lighter twill (colors) for Spring/Summer in the same design. <3 and never stop making these jeans! March 12, 2014
Bad fit I have 4 pair of these jeans that are about 3 years old, I could not find them for a long so I was excited when they started making them again. Cannot say how disappointed I was when I received my new ones, in the exact size that I already have, and they barely make it over my knees! Sending them back! February 8, 2014
Love These Jeans I have spent a very long time looking for jeans that were 100% cotton, and these fit the bill. I Love the way they fit. I have a larger waist and for a change these jeans fit without cutting into my waist, they are roomy and comfortable through the thighs. I can move any way I want to in them and they do not cut in anywhere. I highly recommend them. And Wrangler, please don't stop making them! It is about time a company made jeans for women without the stretch in them (I hate stretch jeans!). I have owned these Jeans for almost a year now and they are still a nice dark color without any wear spots on them, despite the fact that I am always wearing them! Wonderful Quality! I ordered some of the Prewashed Cowboy cut slim fit jeans, they are due to arrive today and I am excited to see how they fit! January 24, 2014
Baggy pants cut Love the 100% cotton denim so the quality was as expected. The cut of the jeans was not typical jeans and was a baggy cut below the waistband so I had to return them. December 2, 2013
Better then I ever expected. Love, love, love these jeans. NO SPANDEX!!!!!! Exactly what they say and more like the good old days when jeans were made to last. November 23, 2013
"Real" Jeans! I'm so happy to find 100% cotton, "heavyweight" jeans. They are very comfortable and they keep my legs warmer in cold weather than the lighter weight jeans that have stretch to them. November 21, 2013
Awesome heavy weight work jeans!!!! These jeans are absolutely awesome!!!!! They are extremely durable and heavy weight denim which is very difficult to find in a ladies work jeans or any ladies jeans for that matter. An incredible 14.5 oz!!! They last me 3x longer then wimpy stretch jeans. October 12, 2013
These are great fitting jeans I am so happy that Wrangler started making and selling theWrangler Blues Relaxed fit jean. These are the only jeans I have found that fit really well. During the time these weren't available, I tried other styles with no success. Thank you for bringing back these great fitting jeans September 23, 2013
These are Real Jeans - NOT Tights Pretending to be Jeans The word "Slimming" on stretchy spandex jeans is the ultimate lie. Does anyone really believe that? YIKES! Just look at women who put on those "slimming" stretch "jeans". When we wear those, our legs look like sausages. Skinny women look chubby and large women.. well, lets not go there. The things those spandex imposters do to your crouch should be illegal. FINALLY, Wrangler has started selling 100% denim jeans again! I'm so happy! My legs look smooth and my crouch is not exposed in unflattering ways due to my having to wear those tights that are pretending to be jeans. I've started to buy a pair of these every time I get a paycheck! These lovely jeans are just a tiny bit higher than a typical mid-rise. I have a large hip to waist ratio - big thighs with a relatively small waist. They fit me very well. The calves are not boot cut, but I can fit a tight fitting pair of boots under these. We all know that a goldfish will grow to fit the size of the bowl it's in. And a butt will grow to fit the size of the jeans they are in. Which is another reason I prefer to wear real jeans instead of blue pantyhose with pockets and a "slimming jeans" label. The goldfish will grow very, very large if its bowl grows with it. So I order a size smaller and wear these tight. When I wear these - I never overeat. My stomach pushes against the jeans when I'm full and I stop eating. Beautiful. They have a little give in the gut but if you have a larger stomach, you'll want to order your normal size or one size up. I hope Wrangler continues to offer these and other mid-rise 100% denim jeans. It's a shame that we women have had to tolerate spandex atrocities for so long. August 31, 2013
Great Fit and Value Love these jeans. Real denim weight and quality and great fit! Come out great from the wash, nice enough to wear to work. July 19, 2013
2nd time I have ordered these I ordered my first pair about 6 years ago and then two more pair of these 3 years ago and they finally wore out enough that I needed to order two more pair...I work in these...gardening, cabin building, hiking, etc and love the loose comfortable easy fit. The denim is way sturdier than any jeans your can find in the stores and they really hold up well. Plus they cover your butt yet sit just below your waistline so are very comfortable to bend in. July 12, 2013
So disappointed! How great to find 100% cotton jeans in my size and length. But the legs of these, as others have stated, are *enormous*. I have fat legs, and always have trouble finding waist that fits in jeans that then aren't too snug in hips and thighs. The waist was a teeny bit roomy but prob would have shrunk in these (I'm a 14), but the legs! There's room for two of my short, fat legs in each one. Such a disappointment, after searching high and low for 100% cotton. I have rarely found pants that the legs were too big for me, so I know these are oddly oversized. April 11, 2013
Great product! Finally - jeans that don't squish my "mature" figure and still look like jeans! I'm thrilled with them, and the price is good. April 9, 2013
good heavyweight jeans I am so happy to find a 100% cotton jean that does not have a weird cut to them. Only drawback is that I wish they were more of a stonewash than the dark indigo. March 17, 2013
Great jeans, run large I love everything about the jeans except the fit. I didn't really want the relaxed fit, but it was my only choice. What I would really like is these jeans in regular fit. The cotton is strong, comfortable and well dyed. The jeans are very comfortable and suitable for real work. March 17, 2013
Great cut and fabric weight Would recommend this product. Great fit. Heavy weight denim is good, also like the dark denim. Some sizing inconsistency among same cut/order. March 6, 2013
Returning these jeans I ordered my regular size, and they were too small. The jeans were advertised as having taperd legs, but the legs were too wide, especially at the ankles. I am returning these. March 5, 2013
100% cotton jeans are hard to find and this is a great product very comfortable and material is great for colder months of the midwest. fit on the waist is just as I like it. I would also like to find 100% cotton jeans in a lighter color and material. I can not wear the mixed blend jeans, they iritate my legs...sure would hope your company would consider making a lighter color, lighter material on the waist, 100% cotton jean. March 4, 2013
Fit great wear great These jeans get put to the test every day. They last through the endless wearing and tearing possibilities from working at a horse stable. Comfort last all day. February 26, 2013
The Wrangler Blues Jean WB 101 Fits great! I have always loved the WB101 womens wrangler blues and was very disappointed when I could not purchase them locally in any of our stores in Oklahoma. I am please knowing I can purchase them online . Please reconsider stocking them at Atwoods Farm stores or Drysdales western wear and notify me if you ever do! :) Thank you for atleast having them available to purchase and please dont ever stop making this style because for women built with larger thighs needs this type of jean that fit great! I have wore this style for several years and hopefully will be able to do so in the future February 21, 2013
Perfect fit Just love the way they fit. 100% cotton and not stretchy. I will be ordering more before they stop making them.. February 7, 2013
Heavy duty and comfortable. Great around the waist. Always the same jeans I expect. Rugged yet tailored, not much bling. They were sent within a few days. January 22, 2013
Great quality, but runs small I was looking for a pair of heavyweight jeans. All stores around me no long carry them - the only carry "stretch" jeans and "jeggings". I was very happy when I finally found a good, heavy pair of jeans. Unfortunately, these ran about 2 sizes too small. I will have to return them for a larger size. January 21, 2013
Good fit I love these jeans. Great fit & style. I love they are actually jeans! January 4, 2013
The jeans looked nothing like the picture, dissapointed. The legs on the jeans were so big I could have put both of mine in one. Was about 3 to 4 inches to wide for my legs. I will return and not order again. Don't know what they were suppose to fit, but was not me. January 4, 2013
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