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Professional Bull Riders

Wrangler is a proud sponsor of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and the annual PBR World Finals. The best bull riders in the world go head to head each fall to see who will take the world championship title. Wrangler's own Silvano Alves became the first back-to-back world champion in the 2012 PBR World Finals.

The 2013 PBR World Finals were held October 23-27, 2013. It was a nail-biter of a Finals this year with PBR's first and only back-to-back world champion, Wrangler's own Silvano Alves, challenged by J.B. Mauney. The standings lead flipped back and forth between the two cowboys, with a slap at 6.99 seconds in round 4 finally putting Silvano out of the running -- a zero score outweighed by an impressive 90.75 ride by J.B. Relive the action here and tell us what you think on Facebook or Twitter. We already can't wait for next season to start.

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  • PBR World Finals

    Round 1

    Opening night of the 2013 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals saw J.B. Mauney finishing second in the event average with 88.75 points, followed by reigning two-time world champion and Wrangler guy Silvano Alves declining a re-ride option and electing to keep 73.75 points on the leaderboard. Silvano narrowly escaped serious injury when the bull All Shook Up feel to the ground during the ride.

    Silvano finished 13th in the average Wednesday night, while J.B. earned a total of 438.75 points to close within 173.5 points of the world lead. Commentators say it's now J.B's title to win or lose. For more of the story, visit our friends at and join us Thursday night, October 24th, for Round 2.

    PBR World Finals
  • PBR World Finals

    Round 2

    Silvano Alves needs points. He is currently in second place in the world standings, only a slight 30.75 points back from J.B. Mauney after J.B. won the second round of the 2013 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals, Thursday night, October 24th, 2013. J.B. scored a 93.75 on Smackdown, while Wrangler team member Silvano placed 5th with an 89.5 score on Rocking M. Silvano is looking to reclaim his standings lead and to hold on to the possibility of being the first 3-peat world champion. He's got four more rounds to do it.

    Silvano thinks consistency -- a perfect 6-for-6 -- will be the key to win the title this year. Silvano: "I need a score on all my bulls. There's no falling off the bulls." It's a mindset that further explains Silvano's decision not to take a reride in Round 1.

    For more of the story, visit our friends at and join us Friday night, October 25th, for Round 3.

    PBR World Finals
  • PBR World Finals

    Round 3

    Silvano Alves roared back to the top of the world standings winning the third round of competition Friday night, October 26, 2013, at the Thomas & Mack Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Silvano earned an 89.5 score aboard Showboat. J.B. Mauney also met the 8-second mark, earning an 89 score. The .5 different in score amounted to a 50 point difference in the event result, moving reigning World Champion Silvano ahead of his challenger J.B.

    J.B. leads the average which earns the average winner 2,500 bonus points. And, with only 19.75 points separating J.B. and Silvano after this round, this race for the championship is a virtual dead heat.

    For more of the story, visit our friends at and join us Saturday night, October 26th, for Round 4.

    PBR World Finals
  • PBR World Finals

    Round 4

    A slap at 6.99 seconds disqualified Silvano Alves' ride during the fourth round of the PBR Built Ford Tough World finals, Saturday night, October 26, 2013. It was likely the slap heard 'round the professional bull riding circuit, as it pushed Silvano down in the average and opens the door for J.B. Mauney to retake the standings lead. And that he did.

    J.B. rode Breakdown for an impressive 90.75 score and earned 495.75 points, while Silvano earned none. Considering that yesterday less than 20 points separated J.B. and Silvano, round 4's outcome tonight will put a big dent in Silvano's hopes to become the sports's first three-peat world champion.

    For more of the story, visit our friends at and join us Sunday night, October 27th for the final round.

    PBR World Finals
  • PBR World Finals

    Round 5

    North Carolina's J.B. Mauney is the 2013 PBR World Champion, topping Silvano Alves by 977.75 points at the end of the final round of the 2013 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals, Sunday, October 27, 2013. J.B. also made history as the first two-time 6-for-6 rider in the PBR (this year, and in 2008). J.B.: "There's no better feeling. You dream of something all your life and to eventually get it, oh, I mean, it feels like you've done conquered the world."

    Silvano knows the feeling, becoming the PBR's first and only back-to-back world champion in 2012. Silvano was gracious in speaking of his challenger this year and excited when speaking about what this nail-biter of a Finals has done for the PBR -- by keeping fans tuned in and talking about the event throughout all six nights. Silvano: "It was a good competition and it was good for the PBR. (J.B. Mauney) did a good job and congratulations. It was a good (race)."

    For more of the story and official final standings/stats, visit our friends at Our hats are off to J.B, Silvano, team Wrangler and all of the competitors at this year's Finals. We already can't wait for next season.

    PBR World Finals
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