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You are not alone. Those dry leaves crunching under foot, that worn tree branch, this grass clearing, you are not the first to cross this way. Turkeys, whitetails, entire flocks, pairs and herds have beat you to it. Don't worry. They will come again. Ready yourself.

Wrangler ProGear® is the choice of serious hunters, those would tell anyone, it takes more than a camo pattern to make an great hunting jean, pant or shirt. Comfort that lasts for hours, durability, quality, count on it all from Wrangler ProGear®.

Wrangler ProGear
Wrangler ProGear
Wrangler ProGear
Wrangler ProGear
  • Our Best-Selling Upland Jean

    Wrangler ProGear® apparel is designed for the needs of an avid sportsman. Our Upland Jean features 1000 denier Cordura® panels with water repellent Teflon® finish, suspender buttons, our room2move™ fit, action gusset and a leg opening that fits over boots.

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  • Our Full Zip Front Lined Camo Jacket

    As the weather begins to get cooler, you'll want to have this essential item at the ready. Try our popular Full Zip Front Lined Camo Jacket. It has a generous fit that is perfect for layering. The full zip front also has a snap closure for convenience. The attached matching polar fleece hood and two bellowed front pockets with button closures keep you warm.

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  • Our Handy Vertical Zip Pocket Shirt

    Try this shirt and you'll wonder how you went hunting without it. Our camo vertical zip pocket shirt with room2move™ fit features an innovative front chest pocket and an added horizontal hip pocket for bonus storage. Great to keep paperwork, maps and keys at hand.

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  • Camo Pocket Long Sleeve Tee

    Head to toe camo is non-negotiable for an effective hunting trip. We make layering easy with our comfortable long sleeve camo tee with front chest pocket. The fit is relaxed and the neck seam is taped for added comfort and durability.

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Hunting Tips


What's your best hunting tip? Submit your tip below.

  • Best tracking is when sunlight is from the side, as in the morning or afternoon. It casts longer shadows.
  • A handheld GPS should be part of the hunter's equipment. But bring a quality compass and a backup compass just to be sure.
  • It should go without saying, but always get permission to hunt on private land. To get invited back, do a favor for the landowner.
  • Ask the locals what the surroundings will look like when you'll be hunting. Select your camo pattern accordingly.
  • Break in new boots before the big hunt. Bring moleskin and cover up sore spots before they become blisters.
  • Do your deer scouting after the season, not before, to avoid changing animal patterns.
  • Select your own biodegradable trail and tracking markers. Big toothpicks, in your color, will stick in tree bark and into the ground.
  • Game animals, like bloodhounds, have great noses. If a stream is going your way, use a canoe to get to your hunting area.
  • Southern exposure lake points have more sunlight and vegetation, both deer magnets.
  • Be aware and be cautious. Wind speed accelerates near shorelines. Always move into the wind, so your smells don't reach the animals before you do.
  • Some fruit and nut trees don't produce every year. That could be why you're not seeing deer this year.
  • Use your hunting boots only for hunting. Otherwise, they'll acquire smells you don't want to bring into the woods.
  • Wrap a camo T-shirt around the tree trunk so you lean against cloth, not noisy or sappy bark.
  • Tape sleeves to your gloves and pant legs to your boots to prevent mosquitoes from entering.
  • Tie on blaze orange to your pant leg and backpack when you're moving through the woods. Put it on animals you're transporting, too.
  • Wet feet will short-circuit a hunting expedition. Waterproof your boots with mink oil. Wear woolen socks, which hold in some heat even when wet. Bring dry socks.
  • Will your socks show when you sit on the tree stand? Better wear a pair of camo socks, too.
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