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As soon as the weight tugs against your reel, you know. Luck has bumped into location. Timing testing skill. The opportunity is yours. In less than a breath, you answer. Wrangler understands the pull of the water, so we help anglers across the country get ready every season with durable, practical and comfortable jeans, pants and shirts, designed with a fisherman in mind.

Wrangler Rugged Wear
Wrangler Five Star Premium Denim
Wrangler Rugged Wear

Enjoy these fishing holes submitted by Wrangler fans like you.


Recommended by Dan F. of Kissimmee, FL

"My favorite fishing hole has to be Lake Hatchineha. It is part of the Kissimmee chain of lakes. Some of the biggest fish from the chain come from this lake. You can fish deep (for Florida) or shallow and you always have a chance of catching a lunker bass. What makes it great also is that there are very few pleasure boaters and jet skis on this lake. The vegetation and gators are just too much for them. The 2nd biggest fish and the largest limit of fish I've ever caught during a tournament came from this lake. Unfortunately, they weren't during the same tournament. If you ever come to Florida to fish, you've got to fish Lake Hatchineha. Even if you don't catch any fish, the scenery is great."


Recommended by Mari of West Palm Beach, FL

"Lake Ockeechobee is the best largemouth bass fishing spot I've been too. I caught my best catch here."


Recommended by Craig of Greenville, TX

""Lake Fork is known worldwide as one of the best lakes for trophy largemouth bass fishing. It holds the Texas state record and produces more fish over the 13 lb mark than any other lake in the state. If you are looking to catch the fish of a lifetime, then plan on coming and fishing Lake Fork in Texas."


Recommended by Jim M. of Great Falls, MT

"Giant Springs in Great Falls is a state park with the world's largest freshwater spring and the world's shortest river, the Roe. Next to the 100 foot river is the state fish hatchery which raises Rainbow trout for stocking the more remote streams and rivers. The Missouri river flows past with easy access, paved for wheelchairs and occasionally great Rainbow Trout fishing. Salmon spawn and marshmallows will allow children, elderly, and handicapped and their friends a great opportunity to catch full-sized trout in a beautiful river. When the fish aren't biting, there is still the park and paved trails exploring the river, not to mention a nice fish hatchery to visit."


Recommended by Ernesto of Caracas

"Los mejores peces para mi novia." ("The best fish for my girlfriend.")


Recommended by Kelly of Monitcello, KY

"Great place to fish. Lake goes on for hundreds of miles so there's no having to worry about someone else being in your way. See and catch just about any fish you can think of. But, hey, I can't tell you everything about it. You would either have to come give us a visit or at least visit our website at"


Recommended by Chris of Las Cruces, NM

"Many, many fish out here."


Recommended by Megan of Eleanor, WV

"It's a great place to fish. I love it!"


Recommended by Wesley of Frisco, TX

"Large, small mouth bass bite all day long. Catfish are big and well stocked. Best crappie fishing around."


Recommended by Scott of Montgomery, AL

"A beautiful lake with exquisite scenery, nice spotted bass, and plenty of off the water fun."


Recommended by Billy of Marysville, CA

"Black bass hit all day long, at night striped bass hit with a big splash, it's an excellent place to go fishing."


Recommended by David of Midland, TX

"Cebolla River would be classified as a creek in most cases but even though it remains small through most of the public land it does produce large Brown Trout and an ocassional Rainbow. Because of its location off the tourist roads the wildlife and Fly fishing is just what the beginner and novice angler need. Be sure and leave some for me when I get the chance to go back!"

Wrangler Rugged Wear


What's your best fishing tip? Submit your tip below.

  • Fish like to feed in current, but don't like to swim in it. They hide behind rocks, stumps and pilings.
  • Never net a green fish. It's faster than the net.
  • Let river, dam and tidal currents sweep your lure naturally past gamefish ambush points.
  • To prevent fish jumps (and hook tosses) put your rod tip close to the water.
  • During the hot water dog days of August, fish at night and the golden hour before sunrise.
  • Fish face into the current. Make sure your lure doesn't surprise them from behind.
  • Use a revolving spool casting reel when line tests 12-pounds or more.
  • To prevent revolving spool backlash, educate your thumb to slow the spool.
  • Gamefish typically hold close to structure. If they don't move, bump their hideouts with your lure.
  • Fish the seams - the intersection of cold and warm water, clear and dingy water, rocks and weeds.
  • To prevent revolving spool backlash, educate your thumb to slow the spool.
  • Fish deep grass to catch walleye.
  • If you're not getting bites, change lure shape and color before you move on.
  • If you're not getting bites, change lure shape and color before you move on.
  • When looking for fish, cast a many-colored lure that can be retrieved at different speeds.
  • Game fish hate bright sun. But hungry fish always go to the food, bright sun or not.
  • Evolution has taught gamefish to be picky about the lures they eat. Don't be afraid to show them a new and unusual lure.
  • When the water's cold, fish lures slowly. Winter fish like an easy meal.
  • You can catch a mess of fish at night fishing live bait with a bright light. Bugs hit the light. Minnows hit the bugs. Gamefish hit the minnows.
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